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You have a horse and the training you do right now is not what your heart is telling you to do? You have the feeling your horse is not happy and you even noticed sorrow lines above the eyes? Or your horse shows a behaviour that frustrates or scares you and now you’re wondering if there is something you can do? Wonderful. Then I’d like to invite you to a video analysis, where we can find out together, what’s causing the situation and what your next steps on your journey to Peaceful Togetherness could be.

We also warmly welcome people to our very private and peaceful 14 acre farm on beautiful Mayne Island, BC in Canada, who want to create Peaceful Togetherness with their partner, children, pets or maybe with themselves. This special place allows for vivid moments and a peaceful, gentle way of togetherness and fostering healing through being in nature and connecting with mini horses in their field. To learn more about it, please take a look at our ‘Wellness Sessions’ and ‘Mini Horse Visits’.




Video Analysis


In a video analysis we will talk about your situation, how being together with your horse feels for you right now, what’s going well and what not so well and if there is a specific problem or question. We will talk about your hopes, dreams, and values and what exactly you need in the relationship with your horse and maybe in your daily life.

We will also find out, how your horse feels about your relationship, which activities it enjoys, which it doesn’t enjoy, and which ones are a real challenge. We will talk about what your horse needs to show less and less of the behaviour that frustrates or scares you and together we will create your next steps for your unique situation based on the character of your horse and based on your own hopes and values.


When you create a relationship with your horse that is based on your authentic believes, in which you and your horse are together as two beings at eye level, where both of you have all needs met before you even meet, where both of you can clearly set your boundaries and the other one accepts these, you don’t need to fight, shut down or be scared anymore.

You will mean everything you do and communicate to your horse wholeheartedly and your horse will notice and understand that and will be able to enjoy your togetherness so much more. It will also be much more likely to follow your ideas and suggestions for activities, be it at liberty, mutual grooming or when going for walks, even in situations that might be uncomfortable like doing hooves or vet visits.



$130 CAD

For questions or to book a video analysis, please send me a message below. You can pay either by credit card, Paypal or (within Canada) e-transfer.

We will meet in a safe online space and will talk about your situation, on a shared screen we can take a look at your video, analyse it together and I will share with you what I see and what you can change and of course you can ask all the questions you might have. It’s only us two and everything will stay between us, so you can feel completely free and talk about what’s on your mind and heart, maybe what is holding you back, what’s a challenge for you, and what your dreams in the relationship with your horse are.

Alternatively, you will receive a voice over recording, directly matched to your video with my comments where you can see exactly what I see in which situation, which will also help you to become more aware of yourself in certain situations. Additionally you will receive a written document with more detailed and inspiring info as well as ideas for your possible next steps to be able to transform your relationship. I would be very excited to accompany you and your horse to find clarity on your journey together.


Please send me a video of up to 20 minutes of you and your horse. When you chose the online option, I’ll contact you once I received the video and we’ll set up a time when we can meet for a 40 minute Skype session. If you chose the recording and pdf. option, you will receive it usually within three days.

How to film the video: Ask someone you feel comfortable with to film you and your horse for about 20 minutes. Start when you enter the paddock or stable, how your horse greets you and when you put the halter on. Then take your horse out to the arena and film short sequences of your usual training. Also, spend some time together in the arena with your horse at liberty, as its reactions are usually much clearer when it is free.

Also include a short sequence when you take your horse out for a walk (if possible). Please also include a couple minutes of when you groom your horse and also please ask it to lift its legs for you. Film your horse for a few minutes in movement and ideally how it is when it is in contact with another horse. Please film in landscape format and with the original sound. Then please send me the link to the recording, e.g. via WeTransfer or YouTube to my email

Wellness Session


When our life daily life becomes a constant struggle and we cannot even figure out what’s missing or what we should do, equine facilitated therapy is a wonderful process. Let’s talk, surrounded by nature and our mini horses. We’ll find a way to restore your wellbeing and make your life more enjoyable.

In a safe environment we will slow down our racing thoughts. We will be together with the animals in nature and see, if there is a something that comes up, maybe a situation that needs to be looked at. If emotions like fear, shame, or anger come up, we will allow them to be there, as everything in our lives has a meaning and wants to be seen. It is not about ‘getting rid of’ fear, guilt, shame, or certain patterns, but about finding ways to deal with our emotions, yes, to ‘communicate’ with them. We also learn to set boundaries peacefully and also which seven pathways can lead us from overthinking into calmness.

Wellness sessions are for people who love horses, but don’t own one or want to see us in person. Our sessions take place on beautiful Mayne Island in BC, Canada. My horse, mini horses, alpacas, and I would like to welcome you to our private 14 acre farm, where we invite you to naturally become you.


$130 CAD

Wellness sessions are one hour. Please contact me for questions or to book a session below. I’m already looking forward to meeting you.

Mini Horse Visit



$60 CAD

Mini Horse Visits are between 45 and 60 minutes. For questions or to book, please contact me below. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

These sessions are ideal if you or someone you care about is looking for some time in nature together with mini horses, to relax and enjoy and also if there is maybe something, you or they just want to share with the minis, no matter what it is, they will listen to everything what’s on your mind, there will be no problem solving or ‘learning’, this is just about togetherness and being in the present moment. This is especially beneficial for e.g. the elderly or people with disabilities. My horse, minis, alpacas, and I are looking forward to meeting you.

If you live in BC, Canada, Wellness Sessions and Mini Horse Visits may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. Please check with your insurance provider or employer in advance whether counselling services are covered. The following insurance companies and benefit providers in BC have agreed to reimburse my services for plans that include counselling services: SunLife, Pacific Blue Cross, Green Shield Canada, Manulife, and Claim Secure.

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