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Week 1 – Explore

Become aware of your horse’s imbalances shown through fight, flight, freeze, appease, or physical tension. Discover if these imbalances are only based on your horse’s experience or if your horse mirrors or shares a theme with you. If it has to do with you, you’ll find a guided meditation through which to take ownership of your part and to release your horse.

Start with downloading and reading through your Workbook. Once you’re ready add the audio files, exercises, and guided meditation whenever you’re ready. You can also click here and download all the files as mp3.

Day 1 - Explore (Workbook)

Discover who you and your Horse truly are

Hi, I’m Britta



Empowerment Coach & Counselor

I believe our horses tell stories about us and our relationship and that it’s our unique ability to read and guide each other that will allow us to create a bond beyond what we’ve ever hoped for. Let me inspire you to realign with your true self and to support you to empower your horse by providing all the tools you both need to transform your relationship.

- What's your Story?

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