Towards Freedom

Your Journey into a new Togetherness with your Horse. Towards Freedom will provide you with a Backpack full of Inspirations, Tools, and Skills for a profound Transformation and inner Development.


You already have a deep connection with your horse, and this is why you know that something is out of alignment, maybe it’s very nervous, defensive or seems unhappy? And something inside tells you that you don’t want to just condition these behaviors away anymore, and you find yourself wondering if these behaviors or physical imbalances could have a deeper meaning…


And now you’re looking for a new beginning. Wonderful! Expand the bond with your horse, learn to play with your intuition, experience the freedom to explore your relationship in new ways, and learn about yourself. Connect with your inner strength and intuition and discover who you both are at your core!


Towards Freedom will provide you with everything you need to continue with confidence on the path your horse has been calling you for a while now. If you don’t want to spend years experimenting until you can truly enjoy your time with your horse, this program can provide you with extensive inner and outer development in a short period of time.


First, we explore where you and your horse are at right now, and we take a closer look at the nature of your relationship. This way we may already find some of the root causes of your challenges. Step by step we’ll then change and transform your daily togetherness to create a true and peaceful connection between you and your horse.

Towards Freedom

If you feel that now is the time to finally change something in your relationship with your horse, then let’s create your peaceful and unique path together. A journey, that will finally allow you to find your way out of the daily misunderstandings and challenges and will lead you into a new chapter of harmonious togetherness, and a deeper, more natural connection with your horse.

Working on any relationship, and that includes the one with our horse, means first and foremost taking a closer look at our own themes, struggles, and experiences, as well. And to gain a deep understanding of our own inner processes and yes, the ones of our horse. An in-depth understanding of the dynamics in the relationship between people and horses is essential to transforming our relationship. Let’s work together to develop new insights and skills for your new, gentle path – for the time of the program and beyond.

Read more below about the 4 steps 🐴Explore 🌞Reclaim 🦋Transform 🌱Grow – or when you’re ready, just click on ‘possibilities’.

You are the Expert for your Horse and your Relationship. What this Program can do, however, is give you new Inspirations, Tools, and Approaches, so that you’ll be able to go your unique way from now on independently and self-determined.

1. Explore


Become aware of your horse’s imbalances shown through fight, flight, freeze, appease behavior, or body tension. Discover if it’s only based on your horse’s experience or if it has it to do with the nature of your relationship and that the horse mirrors or shares a theme with you. If it has to do with you, you’ll be empowered to take ownership of your part and to release your horse from it.


Get an overview of common relationship styles found in the horse world like people pleaser, skeptic, and controller and let’s find out with a video analysis what it means for both of you. Release your horse and yourself from entanglement with a guided meditation.

2. Reclaim


Reclaim the power of your life energy and awareness and help your horse heal its past and to overcome its trauma-based behaviors on a physical and emotional level. If it’s a shared theme, we often need to heal our own attachment wounds as well, otherwise, we can get stuck in supporting our horse. If you feel it’s a shared theme, I’d love to accompany you on your own healing journey with my program ‘Towards Self Love’.


What is emotional healing? On which levels can we connect? Are there limits in healing our own horse? Support your horse with techniques like Shared Mindfulness, Constellations, and Reiki.



Through a deepening connection with yourself and a profound understanding of how horses think, feel, act, and communicate, you’ll be able to create a friendship that is beneficial and fun for both of you, with your very own vibrant and peaceful way of communication, that is solely based on your own values. Learn how to set your boundaries peacefully, but clear.


Learn everything about the natural levels of communication with horses: energy, body, and touch language. Follow your intuition, be patient, trust yourself, and create positive experiences together. Change your perspective with a guided meditation.

4. Grow


Practice everything you learned about boundaries in your own, authentic way as a gentle, sensitive person who wants nothing more than a good relationship with your horse. Let’s also talk about nonviolent communication, safe handling, and how to prepare your horse at your own pace for your future adventures in unfamiliar terrain with shared mindfulness, systematic desensitization, positive reinforcement, and counter conditioning.


Get concrete solutions on how can you practice setting your boundaries naturally and peacefully. Learn how you can handle fearful and defensive behaviors as well as separation anxiety.

My Story

Hi, I’m Britta, Empowerment Coach, Registered Counselor, Lawyer, Mediator, Certified Equine Facilitated Wellness Professional, and Human & Equine Reiki practitioner. In the video, I talk about my very own story and why I’m so passionate about building a relationship with our horses based on freedom, self-love, and understanding.


➔ The online course contains detailed materials, incl. audio files with exercises, inspirations, guided meditations, and workbooks. You can add the personal mentoring sessions later at any time.

➔ The 4 Steps in 4 Weeks Intensive Mentoring contains additionally 4 personal Zoom calls, including weekly video analyses (work with your horse as your time allows and we look at it later together during our video calls), as well as email support throughout. So, you’re never alone with all your doubts, worries, questions, or successes.

➔ If you want to get a bit of a taste how it will be inside Towards Freedom, just download your free guided meditation below.

➔ If you’re unsure if the Intensive Mentoring is right for you, then just send me a message and book your free Discovery Call.



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$888 CAD




It’s not for you

➔ If you’re not sure if this approach to being with horses is really what you want.

➔ If you’re not ready to take an open and gentle look at your side of the relationship.

➔ If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your worries, fears, and experiences with someone else. Then the online version of the program can still work great for you, as you can go through all the online materials on your own terms.

If you’re still unsure if this approach is the right one for you or if you have any other questions, just send me a message below – or even better – book your free Discovery Call and let’s talk about everything together. I am always happy to hear about your thoughts and to answer all the questions you might have. I’m already looking forward to meeting you.




Finally finding your Way

Imagine your Horse chooses to be with you. Not because it has to, but because it wants to… Let me inspire you to realign with your authentic self and support you to empower your Horse to heal and grow by providing all the Tools you both need to transform your Relationship.

- What's your Dream?

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