Discover the fascinating Connection between People and Horses through the Lens of evolutionary Psychology and ancient Eastern Philosophies blended with Insights into Wild Horse Behaviour and Communication.


Hi, I’m Britta, and with People & Horses, I combine my professional experiences as a registered counsellor, mediator, and lawyer with my passion for horses. My background in evolutionary psychology and human resources is especially valuable as it allowed me to gain deep insights into social interactions, ways of communication, conflict resolution, and personal growth.


Horses have their own stories and also often mirror our themes and past experiences. And this is why I’m convinced we have exactly the horse by our side that challenges us the most, but with which we can also learn, grow and develop the most.


My main field of interest is developmental and evolutionary psychology, especially attachment theory including the relationship styles developing from an insecure attachment, such as people-pleasing, controlling, or chronic caretaking, and in which ways we live these patterns in relationships with people and yes, our animals. Horses have fascinated me since I was a teen, and today I’m very lucky to share my life with four horses.


Discovering Marc Lubetzki’s masterclass ‘Wild Horses’ meant for me I had to let go of almost everything I thought I knew about horses, and it immediately reminded me of my own research in evolutionary psychology and how much impact our ‘modern’ way of life has on our basic trust, confidence, and overall wellbeing. For horses, it’s the same. So, if we’re looking for a relationship on eye level, we have to take a holistic approach.


Registered Counsellor with ACCT, Canada. Certified Equine Facilitated Wellness Professional with Pro-EFW (2-year training with Healing Hooves, AB, Canada). B.Sc. Psychology, University of Hagen, Germany. LLM eq, University of Frankfurt, Germany. 2-year Mediation & Conflict Resolution advanced training program, Justice Institute, BC, Canada.  Certified Reiki Practitioner for People & Horses (Whispering Equine, AB, Canada), Trained Pro-Active Coach, CTI.


Self-employed since 2008 as a therapeutic counsellor. German dialect coach for international film and TV projects since 2014. Junior lawyer (Justice Institute in Germany and in London, UK). Human Resources Consultant (Telekom, Germany). Project Manager (IIR International, Germany). Book (published in German): Evolution & Selflove – The Normativity Hypothesis of the Attachment Theory under Critical Consideration of Cultural and Evolutionary Perspectives.

With Horses

Masterclass Wild Horses (3-y program; Marc Lubetzki). Chi Horsing (Sandra König). Trust Technique (James French). Clicker Training (Various Trainers). Dancing with Horses (K.F. Hempfling). Horsefulness (Karine Vandenborre). Academic Art of Riding (Bent Branderup). Ribbleton Attunement (Paulette Clark).

Deep Conversation

In this free Guided Meditation, you will meet your horse at a special Place and you can then exchange everything you want each other to know.


The Personal Me



A Magic dwells in each Beginning

I moved 21 times, including to another continent. Favorite movie: 4 Weddings and 1 Funeral. Favorite author: Elizabeth George. I have now visited every continent, and am already looking forward to my new adventures of filming wild Horses in Exmoor National Park. Since I volunteered in an animal shelter I’m very passionate about rescuing animals in need. I eat a plant-based diet and absorb as much as I can about consciousness, spirituality, and duality.

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