Being Herd

Natural and Authentic Communication.  A holistic Journey inspired by wild Horses.

Wild Horses

Through their harmonious coexistence and collaborative leadership methods, wild horses not only prompt us to question how our own horse lives and learns but also how we ourselves live, love, and lead. And who we both truly are beneath the mask of functioning. Read more in my Blog.

Work with Me

Every horse-human pair needs something different for a powerful, vibrant connection. Send me a 10-20 minute video and let’s find out together what your horse is trying to tell you about itself, you, and your relationship – and how you can change the situation for the better.


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The Herd

Wild horses live in herds ranging from 2 to 60 members, and the herd is part of a herd association that can include up to 200 horses. How the horses behave and communicate with each other depends on many different factors, including the horse’s character (fire, wood, earth, metal, or water type), gender, time of day and year, as well as whether the horse belongs to the same or a different herd and what specific relationship the two horses have with each other. So, there isn’t one signal that means the same thing to every horse at any given time.

The Horse

To understand and communciate naturally with our domesticated horses however, it’s not enough to just learn the different signals wild horses use, and when they use it, we must also consider all the factors that additionally influence the behavior and communication of our horses, such as the unnatural living situation and herd structure, past experiences, and the often early separation from their mother. Another, even more important factor is the relationship they have with us, and how we feel, think, believe, live, love, and lead!

The Person

Our horses understand on various levels exactly what our expectations are. And since they are very harmony-driven, they will do everything to meet these expectations, often to the point of sacrificing their own needs and well-being. And with expectations I talk espcially about our emotional needs. Because most of us have horses for a reason. Often, we have experienced hurt with other people, and now consciously or unconsciously, we seek closeness, affection, connection, and a genuine friendship with our horse.

The Relationship

If our horse doesn’t respect our boundaries, then it’s time for relationship work and to determine what the horse needs from us to learn and grow. The next question is, do we already have what our horse needs or do we have to strengthen it in ourselves first, e.g. accepting ourselves for who we are, learning to set proper boundaries, being present, leading with ease and joy, not overwhelming the horse with our love, etc…

A Dream Journey

In this free Dream Journey, you will meet your horse at a special Place and you can then exchange everything you want each other to know.


Hi, I’m Britta



Registred Relationship Counsellor

I believe our Horses tell Stories about us and our Relationship and that it’s our unique Ability to read and guide each other that will allow us to create a Bond beyond what we’ve ever hoped for. Let me inspire you to learn from wild Horses how we can establish a more natural communication with each other – without conditioning and conflicts.

- What's your Story?

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