Being Herd

Rewild the Relationship with your Horse. A Journey of Self-Discovery, Natural Communication, Authentic Leadership, and Deep Connections. Inspired by wild Horses.

Wild Horses

Through their harmonious coexistence and collaborative leadership methods, wild horses not only prompt us to question how our own horse lives and learns but also how we ourselves live, love, and lead. And who we both truly are beneath the mask of functioning. Read more in my Blog.

Work with Me

Every horse-human pair needs something different for a powerful, vibrant connection. Send me a 10-20 minute video and let’s find out together what your horse is trying to tell you about itself, you, and your relationship – and how you can change the situation for the better.


Starting October 2024: The Membership Program will provide you with a backpack full of inspirations, tools, and skills for a profound transformation and inner development: 12 months with weekly videos and live Q&A. Sign up now for just $49 CAD monthly (cancel anytime).

Being Herd

You came to the right place, if you love horses and are ready to rewild and deeply connect. Being Herd is different: It’s all about wild horses – leadership – cooperation – natural language – and of course you and your horse! In the video above I talk more about this. Below you’ll find info about the launch of my new membership program – the Being Herd Community – which will give you a ton of insights, inspirations, and practical tips. Learn more about:

How horses truly live without the influence of humans, how they cooperate and lead, and what signals they use, when, where, why, and towards whom.

How our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs influence the behaviours of our own horse and what we can discover and learn through this about ourselves.

How we can learn the true, natural horse language, and what we need to do, or maybe change, so that our horse offers us the leadership voluntarily.


We delve deep into the behaviours of wild horses and their language, not only to be able to communicate naturally and freely with our horse but also to prove ourselves as competent, cooperative leaders by taking on more and more responsible tasks.

Being Herd also means we take a look at our part of the relationship: We explore how our emotions, negative beliefs, or attachment styles influence our behaviour – and our horse’s – and develop into the most powerful and authentic version of ourselves.

The 5 Levels

Within the membership container, we go step by step through all five levels of relationship. We learn how wild horses live, liaise, and lead. With every step, we also tap deeper and deeper into our own true leadership skills. This is an adventure where you’re deeply attuned, understanding each other on a profound level, and feeling a deep emotional and spiritual connection. Wherever you are on this journey, each level offers its own unique experiences and opportunities:

Level 1: A new Beginning

Horses: How do wild horses live? What is their herd structure? What influences determine when and in which ways horses behave towards each other – and what communication channels do they use?

People: What’s your and your horse’s story? Do you maybe have a shared theme? Understand your and your horse’s survival strategies and how these patterns impact your horse, your bond, and even your daily life. Now let’s explore how wild horses behave in these situations and connect it to your and your horse’s relationship to understand, what your horse needs the most from you right now.

Workbook: Help your traumatized horse to heal with Energy Work.

Exercise: Mine or Yours?

Guided Meditation: Release your horse.

Level 2: Invitation

Horses: What signals do horses give to get invited into a new herd, what does an invitation look like and how do they greet each other?

People: At this stage, we start to strengthen our true cooperative leadership skills, starting with the most important one: empathy. That means, first and foremost: allow your horse autonomy where possible. Be present, breathe, and give your horse the signal you’d like to become part of its herd. Learn, when and how we know, that we’re part of our horse’s herd. Who do we want to be in the relationship with our horse (and why this matters), once we’re part of the herd and how can we communicate this to our horse?

Guided Meditations: (1) Dream Version (plus Workbook). (2) Intuition Meditation.

Bonus: Course Self Love – Part 1: Discover. Incl: Guided Meditation: Peace with my Partner or Expartner.

Level 3: Becoming Herd

Horses: Let’s take a look at the herd routines and rules. Is there a specific daily routine? How often and when do social interactions occur, and how do horses ask for them? Here, you’ll learn all about the natural communication among individual horses, a language that your horse understands immediately without conditioning.

People: Now we translate this communication to the human-horse relationship and learn how to give clear and authentic signals. We dive deep into the different character types of horses (Fire, Wood, Earth, Metal, or Water type personality) to understand your horse’s true character and its specific needs. Authentic communication – an important leadership skill – often includes a deeper reflection on our own stories, patterns, and survival strategies – and a deep understanding of who we truly are… We also talk about concrete and peaceful problem-solving techniques for topics such as: how to ask for space, how to respond to a contact request, and how to help your nervous, reactive, insecure, sad, or frustrated horse to be happy again.

Guided Meditations: (1) Change of Perspective (plus Workbook). (2) Explore your Boundaries.

Bonus: Course Self Love – Part 2: Realign. Incl. Guided Meditations: (1) Burning Commitments. (2) Transform Negative Emotions.

Level 4: Assuming Tasks

Horses: Now we learn about the communication among more than one horse within the herd, such as leading and directing during a location change, standing guard, education, and much more.

People: As an established herd member, we now start taking on certain tasks within the herd, e.g. standing guard, collaborating, guiding, and engaging in shared play at liberty. You’re now also allowed to educate – with positive reinforcement (we also talk about, why this is a very natural way of training). Leading our horse confidently is a very important leadership skill, therefore we will dive deep into this and discuss peaceful, but clear problem-solving approaches, addressing why the horse behaves in certain ways. We consider whether the behavior is natural and determine what concrete actions we can take when our horse pulls us to the grass, dawdles, stops, overtakes, or experiences nervousness or separation anxiety.

Exercise: Shaking Practice.

Bonus: Course Self Love – Part 3: Balance. Incl: Guided Meditation: Feel your body.

Level 5: Cooperative Leadership

Horses: The herd stallion behaves like every other adult horse within the herd most of the time, but he also has special tasks: e.g. he gathers the herd and ensures safety. But is he also the lead stallion?

People: Now, we take on the tasks of the herd stallion. To do this, we have to step more and more into our true leadership qualities and abilities, such as resolving conflicts, assembling a harmonious herd, and also showing that we can protect the herd at any time. After proving to our horse’s herd that we’re competent, they will eventually offer us herd leadership, allowing us to take any horse out and lead or ride it, even in unfamiliar terrain. But before that happens, we often have to strengthen our own leadership skills further, like mediating conflicts, and showing our readiness to sacrifice ourselves for the benefit of the herd…

Guided Meditation: Ascending my throne.

Bonus: Course Self Love – Part 4: Blossom. Incl: Guided Meditation: Heal your inner Child.

Bonus II: Create a natural environment for your horse: ideas and paddock designs.

October 2024

The membership program starts on October 1, 2024, and is designed as a one-year online course. Why a year? Because we need to carry change through all the seasons for it to unfold. Rewild and take the relationship with your horse to another level.

Join us for just $49 CAD per month (cancellable monthly). With Being Herd you’ll gain access to a treasure trove of resources incl. weekly videos, monthly live Q&A sessions, workbooks, guided meditations, and so much more. Become part of the ‘Herd’ and let’s go on this transformative adventure together. Send me an email below to join us!

My Story

Hi, I’m Britta and I’ve dedicated my life to understanding the essence of nurturing, fulfilling relationships, drawing on my studies in evolutionary psychology and wild horse behaviour.

I’ve discovered that both – people and horses – can only thrive in environments similar to those evolution has prepared us for, where being part of a tribe or herd with strong connections, support, and collaboration is fundamental and ever-present.

Today, however, we live in a society that values authority, individuality, and functionality above genuine connections. This can leave our basic needs for belonging and collaboration unmet, leading to feelings of unhappiness, disconnection, and not being enough.

This understanding has driven me to develop a unique approach to being and communicating with horses, focusing on what it truly means to feel connected, seen, and safe. Now, I’m excited to share all this with you through the Being Herd Membership Program.

Deep Conversation

In this guided Meditation, you will meet your horse – and are invited to exchange everything you want each other to know.


Bond Beyond


Allow your Horses to guide you towards your authentic Self.

I believe our Horses tell Stories about us and our Relationship and that it’s our unique Ability to read and guide each other that will allow us to create a Bond beyond what we’ve ever hoped for. Let me inspire you to learn from wild Horses how we can establish a more natural communication with each other – without conditioning and conflicts.

- I can't wait to hear your Story!

Your Message for Me

Send a message to the email below, if you’d like to sign up for the membership program. You can cancel your membership at any time to the end of the month. Or just email me, if you have any other questions or comments. I’m really looking forward to hearing about everything that’s on your mind.