People & Horses

Become the Person your Horse chooses to follow – Your Horse comes to you with Characteristics and a Past that have a lot to do with you, and through these, it will bring you deeply meaningful messages.

Video Analysis

Get a lot of helpful ideas and hints on how you can recognize what your horse is trying to tell you through its body and behavior about its character, its past and about your relationship, what it needs to blossom, and also why it can’t help but to mirror or balance your energy.

Being Herd

Become the person your horse chooses to follow. Being Herd will provide you with a backpack full of inspirations, tools, and skills for a profound transformation and inner development. This online Foundation Course is designed as a 4-step self-paced learning program.

Walk in Unity

Problem analysis, reflection, and hands-on solutions for challenging situations with your horse in your daily interaction and on adventure walks. Learn how to respond peacefully to your horse’s questions. 4 sessions of Personal Guidance for sensitive People & Horses.


Being with horses is about tapping into our true leadership skills. And being a friend and mentor for your horse is not about control, obedience, and submission but about courage, finding your voice, setting healthy boundaries, investing in your own personal growth, and aligning your actions with your values. How do I know you have this in you? Because you have a horse. Your Horse. Listen to it. And I’m here with and for both of you all the way.


This approach to being with horses is different. It’s not about teaching the horse to behave a certain way; it’s about listening to your horse’s and your own wishes and needs and about creating unique and peaceful ways to be and communicate with each other. It’s about fun and learning to respond to challenging situations peacefully. Allow yourself to walk with your horse on this new and exciting path to which it’s been calling you for a while now.


For a truly peaceful relationship with our horse, we have to learn to be peaceful with ourselves first, to stop criticizing or judging ourselves, and to learn about our own emotions and relationship patterns and how this affects us and others. So, to build a genuine connection, a deep self-reflection is therefore often essential to allow ourselves to take healing steps into those belief structures that we experience as nurturing, supportive, and powerful.

Hi, I’m Britta



Empowerment Coach & Counselor

I believe our Horses tell Stories about us and our Relationship and that it’s our unique Ability to read and guide each other that will allow us to create a Bond beyond what we’ve ever hoped for. Let me inspire you to realign with your true self and to support you to empower your Horse by providing all the Tools you both need to transform your Relationship.

- What's your Story?

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