People & Horses

Where we listen to and interpret your HORSES physical, emotional, and behavioral MESSAGES holistically, which will allow you and your HORSE to guide each other towards FREEDOM and AUTHENTICITY


Just like with other people, there is a reason why we have our horse in our life and why we invited our horse into our lives at that specific moment. If you’re open to exploring the relationship with your horse deeply and healing your life themes with each other’s help, you’ll strengthen your connection even further and discover on this journey who you both are at your core.


If you’d like to build the relationship with your horse from a place of self-love, independence, trust, and understanding; if you want your horse to feel seen and safe; to empower it to heal and grow, and to learn about yourself, then welcome to People & Horses!


When our horse is resistant, shut down, or very nervous then this is a message from our horse that something is out of alignment, and it bravely asks us to gently look at ourselves and question if what we’re currently doing together is in line with our authentic self or if it’s time to transform the relationship and to grow together with our horse.


Let’s listen, feel into, and interpret your horse’s messages on a physical, emotional, and behavioral level, and explore psychologically and energetically if these messages, may they be in form of certain behaviors or physical imbalances are solely based on experiences your horse made or if it mirrors or shares a theme with you.


In a next step, you’ll be empowered to reclaim your life force and help your horse process and heal its past experiences. If it’s a shared or mirrored theme, you’ll have the possibility to be accompanied throughout your own journey. In a third step, you’ll learn how to transform your relationship into a peaceful togetherness, and then of course how to continue to grow together on your path towards freedom and authenticity.

A holistic Journey beyond Training

Hi, I’m Britta



Empowerment Coach & Counselor

I believe our horses tell stories about us and our relationship and that it’s our unique ability to read and guide each other that will allow us to create a bond beyond what we’ve ever hoped for. Let me inspire you to realign with your true self and to support you to empower your horse by providing all the tools you both need to transform your relationship.

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Please message me, if you have any questions about my programs or if you’d like to book your free Discovery Session. I’m really looking forward to hearing from you and talking about everything that’s on your mind.

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