People & Horses

Discover the surprising Link between our Horse’s Behavior and our own emotional Themes. And how wild Horses can help us to reconnect.


It all starts with boundaries. And talking about space also means talking about freedom. Giving freedom, but also claiming it for ourselves. Can you give your horse the space to make its own decisions? How free is it allowed to live? How important is freedom to you, e.g. in your job?

Work with Me

Claim your sacred space peacefully, naturally, and authentically, inspired by the way in which wild horses communicate with each other. Let’s get together for an intense, yet liberating hour of problem analysis, reflection, and hands-on solutions, where we still not forget to have fun.

Being Herd

Be the person your horse chooses to follow. Being Herd provides you with a backpack full of inspirations, tools, and skills for a profound transformation and inner development. This masterclass is designed as a 9-month self-paced online course with a monthly live Q and A session.

The Herd

In the wild, every horse, even a foal, can ask another horse within their own herd for space. Which signal the horse uses depends on the relationship, on the horse’s age, character, gender, situation, etc. So, when our horse considers us as a herd member, we can communicate our space naturally at any time, and on relationship level 5 we can also lead it safely in unfamiliar terrain without it pushing or jumping into us.

The Horse

The physical and emotional space a horse needs depends on its character, namely, if it’s a fire, wood, earth, metal, or water personality type. But many horses experience that their personal space is not honored, e.g. through control-oriented training methods and as a defense mechanism, they become intrusive, fearful, or depressed. So, if we want to communicate our space naturally, we need to respect our horse’s boundaries too.

The Person

How much space we claim for ourselves also depends on our character and our experiences. If our horse repeatedly tries to enter our space, without being invited, then we ourselves also have a theme with boundaries, maybe we set them too early, too late, or incoherent. But our horse can only understand us naturally, if our emotions and actions are consistent and if what we communicate is reflected in our body language.

The Relationship

If our horse doesn’t respect our boundaries, then it’s time for relationship work and to determine what the horse needs from us to learn and grow. The next question is, do we already have what our horse needs or do we have to strengthen it in ourselves first, e.g. accepting ourselves for who we are, learning to set proper boundaries, being present, leading with ease and joy, not overwhelming the horse with our love, etc…

A Dream Journey

In this free Dream Journey, you will meet your horse at a special Place and you can then exchange everything you want each other to know.


Hi, I’m Britta



Communication Coach

I believe our Horses tell Stories about us and our Relationship and that it’s our unique Ability to read and guide each other that will allow us to create a Bond beyond what we’ve ever hoped for. Let me inspire you to learn from wild Horses how we can establish a more natural communication with each other – without conditioning and conflicts.

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