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Rewild as a Horseperson and Human and watch your Horse change into the kind, curious, and confident Friend and Partner who chooses to be with you.

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Do you find yourself in a challenging situation with your horse, but the methods you’ve tried so far haven’t solved it long-term? Join me for a Zoom session to uncover the true causes of the behaviour and find your very own solution. This is for you if you want nothing more than to:

Communicate naturally and freely with your horse, without having to condition the responses.

Resolve all uncertainties and misunderstandings in your daily interactions with your horse.

Lead your horse confidently, without feeling nervous or overwhelmed, even in an unfamiliar environment.

Ensure that your horse trusts and follows you, even in difficult situations, without using force.

Learn more about wild horses to improve the living conditions and the situation for your horse.


The behaviour of our horse is determined by many factors, such as its character, age, gender, experiences, the time of day or year, as well as the level of relationship it has with other horses and – especially with us.

If there is a problem, it can have many different causes, and therefore we cannot solve it with just ‘one’ training method, and if we do, it’s only short-term, because the underlying problem is still there and will manifest again in one way or another.

True Causes

We therefore look for the underlying causes of the problems and change the trigger. We view our horse’s behavior as a guide for our personal development. We communicate using ‘wild horse language’ so that our horse understands us naturally. Additionally, we demonstrate our cooperative leadership qualities to our horse on many levels, ensuring it follows our suggestions voluntarily, even in difficult situations.

Possible challenging Situations
  • You’ve tried giving your horse more autonomy, but unfortunately, it seems like it no longer respects your boundaries and suddenly becomes pushy, unpredictable, or even dangerous.
  • Your horse doesn’t seem to listen to you when you lead it. It stops, dawdles, passes you, pushes into you, or pulls you to the grass, leaving you both tense, reactive, and overwhelmed.
  • You’re trying to listen to your intuition and be authentic, but it has also brought up many doubts and uncertainties that unsettle your horse, making it more nervous or reactive.
  • You feel like your horse is bored or under-stimulated, but you don’t know how to solve this because you don’t want to push or force it, yet you don’t have any other solutions.
Possible Causes of these Challenges
  • The horse exhibits natural behavior that we misinterpret – and respond to what we think it means.
  • The horse has problems within its herd, with the daily routine, or its environment in general.
  • We send unclear or, more importantly, inauthentic signals that confuse or frustrate our horse.
  • Our horse senses our feelings such as self-doubt, frustration, regret, restlessness, and loneliness, and reacts either with self-protection and defense or it shares and carries these issues for us.
  • The horse has been trained with much force and violence by a previous owner and is traumatized.
    Together we find a Way to solve this Cause...

    And this way usually isn’t about more or different training!

    • First, we find out if the problematic behavior also occurs in the wild, and if so, what it means, and what the best response from us is. If it’s unnatural, it almost always has to do with human influence.
    • We explore if there are opportunities to optimize the horse’s environment, including if its current herd is a good fit, and if not, what changes you could make to help your horse feel better again.
    • We talk about the horse’s history (as far as known) and – if you are open to it, we also talk about how your horse mirrors your emotions, life themes, and relationship pattern, e.g., you find it hard to set boundaries, or that you often put your own needs last, etc., and what this means for your horse.
    And learn to trust in our true Leadership Skills

    Being a trusted guardian and a true leader is crucial in our relationship with our horse. Here are the eight most important leadership skills – the ones we’re strengthening in ourselves with Being Herd:

    Empathy: True leaders work to understand those they lead. For horses, this means recognizing and responding to their feelings and building a caring connection. That includes giving our horses autonomy, where possible.

    Authenticity: Being real and meaning what we communicate through our behaviour and our body is so important. In the end, we don’t even have a chance to lie to our horse, as they will sense it and give us their feedback.

    Natural Communication: By learning the signals that wild horses use, we can communicate in a way that horses naturally understand. This respectful communication is not only effective but also easy to understand for the horse – without conditioning it.

    Collaboration: Good leadership isn’t about being ‘the boss’; it’s about working together towards shared goals. This means being able to lead when necessary but also listening and responding to the needs of our horses – to gain their trust and respect.

    Motivation and Inspiration: Using positive reinforcement where possible is not only natural, but it is also enriching for our horse. We can decide to only use it for essential training (depending on your wishes), but also to satisfy their desire to create outcomes with their behaviour.

    Decisiveness: True leaders need to make clear and quick decisions. This helps the horse to know what’s expected and keeps things clear and calm.

    Conflict Management: Keeping peace within the herd is one of the key tasks of the herd stallion. Good leaders handle disputes quickly and fairly, keeping everyone stable and trusting each other.

    Readiness to Sacrifice: The best leaders put the needs of their horses first, showing selflessness and commitment. This kind of attitude builds trust and loyalty, as our horses feel cared for and valued.

    These skills are not just about leading but about improving the lives of the horses we care for. By using these skills, we can build a relationship based on mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation, leading to deep connection and wonderful experiences.


    When there is already a problematic situation, then the first step is always to understand exactly where you and your horse are in the present moment. Therefore, I would always recommend starting with a videoanalysis, before signing up for the masterclass, as in a one-on-one session, we can pinpoint the cause of your horse’s behaviour, which allows you to find your unique solution more effectively.

    Sometimes all we have to do to change our Horse’s Behaviour is to change Ourselves.

    The Journey begins

    Book your Videoanalysis as your Personal Guide

    In our session, we’ll take a deeper look at your horse’s entire life situation and explore what it is trying to tell you with its behaviour. I’d also like to invite you to share your own hopes, worries, and problems to see how these might impact both your and your horse’s life. Then, we’ll examine the natural signals that wild horses use to communicate in these situations – using video examples – so you can apply these in your daily interactions, which your horse will immediately understand.

    Together, we will develop concrete – and truly doable – plans to support your horse emotionally and practically in the short term. We will also find empowering ways for both of you to regain joy and lightness over the long term. For that, we use a variety of materials, e.g. videos or pictures that showcase natural and authentic communication inspired by wild horses.

    Our approach is deeply rooted in psychology, particularly attachment-based theories, and traditional Chinese philosophy. Depending on your and your horse’s situation, you may receive resources like workbooks (e.g. empower your horse with energy work, self-reflective journal), guided meditations, and more, for you to continue your journey after our session.

    Please send me a video of up to 15 minutes before our session that shows how your horse lives and how you interact (e.g. greeting each other, mutual grooming, leading, etc.). This will help us find practical solutions to improve both your and your horse’s life. After the session, you’ll also have the opportunity to send a follow-up email in case any questions arise!

    What’s Next?

    Being Herd isn’t a method, or something that changes a problem overnight. It’s a profound, yet liberating journey. A videoanalysis is a great start, as we can identify your core theme – and what your horse wants to tell you through its behavior. If you then want to continue, the inspirations and practical tips from the masterclass can help you resolve all these issues within a year, allowing you and your horse to develop a very special bond. Why a year? Because we need to carry change through all the seasons for it to unfold.

    It’s not for you…

    If you’re just looking for quick results or want an obedient horse that functions at all times. It’s also not (yet?) ideal if you’re currently in an emotionally difficult place, or if external circumstances prevent you from exploring your authentic self. Also if you have no interest in psychological approaches, personal development, TCP, or understanding your horse’s natural signals and its underlying causes, then a videoanalysis is not the right choice for you. If you are unsure whether the Being Herd community is your tribe, just send me a message.


    Just like you, I always wanted to interact with my horse peacefully and naturally. This led me on a journey away from methods of force, control, and obedience towards more gentle methods. More on this in the video.

    But this journey wasn’t easy or linear. Only now, after many years of research, trial and error, and many sleepless nights, have I developed my very own approach – a blend of psychology, spirituality, and the wisdom of wild horses, which I’d now like to share with you. But how did it all start? In my blog, I’ll tell you my personal story…




    It’s your and your Horse’s Life

    The relationship with our horse is just as important, complex, and multifaceted as any other close relationship we have. Communication problems are even more likely, as we don’t speak the same language, and our experiences and stories are often shared, which adds to the mix. But know that your horse is the greatest coach you’ll ever have.

    - I can't wait to hear your Story!

    Your Message for Me

    Book your session through one of the links or just message me to the email below with your preferred time for your coaching session. Ideally, you’ll send me the link to a video of your daily interaction beforehand (not more than 15 minutes) so that I can see, what’s going on for both of you. If you have any other questions, I’m also very happy to hear from you. I’ll get back to you usually within 24h.

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