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Claim your sacred Space peacefully, naturally, and authentically, inspired by the Way wild Horses communicate with each other.

It’s Personal

Your horse comes into your space uninvited and seems to ignore your signals and pushes into you seemingly carelessly or even on purpose. When you want to lead it, it passes you, tries to cut you off, pulls you to the side, or simply refuses to take one more step. And when it gets nervous, it doesn’t pay attention to where you are and comes dangerously close to or even jumps into you.


Imagine your horse understands and responds to your subtle body signals and intentions, and all this without training, just by using the same cues and peaceful communication that wild horses – based on new research – actually use.

At Liberty

When horses don’t respect our space, it mostly happens for one – or both – of two reasons. First, it could just be a communication problem, e.g. we overlook or don’t answer fast enough to a contact request; use unclear signals, etc. Or it could be that our horse mirrors or shares our own difficulties to claim our space in our life, e.g. because we grew up in a family without boundaries, and never had anyone model or teach us healthy boundaries.


And when we already struggle to maintain our sacred space in familiar terrain, it will only get worse, when we take the horse for a walk, as in that moment, we say to our horse: I’m in charge now, you have to trust me. But when our horse already knows that we can’t communicate clearly or that we can’t stand up for ourselves, then how can it trust us to protect it, when we’re out in the ‘wild’ – away from the protection of its herd?

Work with Me

Establishing our sacred space with our horse is a step by step process. First, we’ll take a look at all possible outside factors for your horse’s behavior, that are not communication or relationship related, e.g. its character, how it lives, how it gets along with its herd members, if there are health issues, or other stress-related circumstances that might contribute and need attention.

Then we dive deep into and get inspired by the way of wild horses and how they communicate their need for space effortlessly with each other, which is very different to what we often see in domesticated horses, and we learn from them which signals you can use naturally and peacefully, in which situation, and of course towards which body area. If this is all it takes, and sometimes it is, then wonderful, you have a well-socialized horse, and your body language and intentions are authentically aligned.

But if we can still see some boundary issues, especially while leading, as is most often the case, we dive a little deeper into the nature of your relationship. And this is, in my experience, often where we find the true causes of and our solutions for our difficulties. Because it’s not a coincidence that this horse with this story is a part of your life. The moment we decide we want to invite a horse into our hearts, we have already unconsciously paid attention to so many little things… Horses, therefore, show us through their body language and behavior not only their past experiences but also mirror or even share our own life themes. So, if your horse questions your boundaries again and again, then you might very lovingly ask yourself if setting boundaries or saying no is generally something you’re struggling with and if you maybe also constantly meet people who are not honoring your boundaries.

If improved Communication in a natural and peaceful Way alone doesn’t solve the Situation with your Horse, it’s most likely a Relationship Problem.

My Story

Hi, I’m Britta, and with People & Horses, I’m finally able to combine my professional experiences as a counselor, mediator, and lawyer with my passion for horses. In the video, I talk about my thesis in evolutionary psychology, wild horses, how closely both topics are related, and how that changed my life (especially how I set boundaries).

Let’s talk about

➔ Why your horse challenges your boundaries.

➔ How wild horses actually ask for and maintain their space – peacefully!

➔ How you can become clearer and more coherent in your communication.

➔ In which other ways you can change the situation for the better.

And you’ll have the possibility of a follow-up email in case of any arising questions!



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It’s not for you

➔   If you’re looking for a quick fix, no matter the methods.

➔   If you want an obedient horse that functions at all times.

➔   If you’re not interested in exploring the relationship with your horse in new ways.

➔   If you’re not open to learning more about yourself.

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It’s your and your Horse’s Life

The relationship with our horse is just as important, complex, and multifaceted as any other close relationship we have. Communication problems are even more likely, as we don’t speak the same language, and our experiences and stories are often shared, which adds to the mix. But know that your horse is the greatest coach you’ll ever have.

- I can't wait to hear your Story!

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Just message me to the email below with your preferred time for your coaching session. Ideally, you’ll send me the link to a video of your daily interaction beforehand (not more than 10 minutes) so that I can see, what’s going on for both of you. If you have any other questions, I’m also very happy to hear from you. I’ll get back to you usually within 24h.

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