Being Herd

How understanding the Behaviour of wild Horses can help us to create a true Friendship based on Empathy, Authenticity, and Cooperation.


Would you like to explore what’s different in how wild horses communicate with each other? Are you open to discovering what changes you could make to improve your togetherness? Do you sometimes wonder why something that works great with one horse doesn’t seem to work with another? Would you like to communicate even more naturally and authentically so that your horse offers you the herd leadership voluntarily?


With Being Herd, we follow the natural phases of building relationships within a herd, that every herd stallion undergoes. This often involves gently stepping into our own leadership skills. Allow me to invite you on a liberating adventure where you learn so much about your horse – and about yourself.


Many factors influence the behavior of wild horses, such as their character, gender, time of the day, and year. For our domesticated horses, it’s similar. However, there are other almost more important factors, such as how our horse lives, which past experiences it had with other people, and – yes – our horse reacts to us, our thoughts, emotions, stories, and the survival strategy we’ve developed to protect us in our human relationships.


To genuinely understand and truly bond with our horse, we not only have to recognize who our horse truly is at its core, and how it communicates naturally – something only wild horses can teach us – but we also have to adopt the cooperative nature of leadership displayed by wild herd stallions. This often involves a journey of self-discovery, healing, and strengthening our own leadership skills, including empathy, authenticity, and the readiness ‘to get eaten first.’

Work with Me

Embark on a transformative Journey and not only become Part of your Horse’s Herd but also – over time – establish yourself as the authentic and cooperative Leader your Horse will choose to follow.

Level 1 – Mindful Awareness: What’s your and your horse’s story? Do you maybe have a shared theme? Who are you both truly? Understand your and your horse’s survival strategies and how these patterns impact your horse, your bond, and even your daily life. Now let’s explore how wild horses behave in these situations and connect it to your and your horse’s relationship.

Level 2 – A New Beginning: In this stage, we start new and develop our true cooperative leadership skills, starting with the most important one: empathy. Let’s explore what your horse needs from you, and how you can restore its well-being by allowing it autonomy where possible. Be present, breathe, and give your horse the signal you’d like to become part of its herd.

Level 3 – Becoming Herd: Now, once you’re invited by your horse and its herd to join, learn how to communicate clearly and authentically, e.g. how to ask for space, and understand your horse’s true character and needs. Authentic communication – an important leadership skill – often includes a deeper reflection on our own stories, patterns, and survival strategies…

Level 4 – Assuming Tasks: As an established herd member, you now start taking on certain tasks within the herd, e.g. standing guard, collaborating, guiding, and engaging in shared play at liberty. You’re now also allowed to educate – with positive reinforcement.

Level 5 – Cooperative Leadership: After proving to your horse’s herd that you’re competent, they will eventually offer you the herd leadership, allowing you to take any horse out and lead or ride it, even in unfamiliar terrain. But before that happens, we often have to strengthen our own leadership skills further, like mediating conflicts, and showing a readiness for sacrifices…

Friendship and Collaboration instead of Dominance and Obedience.
Inspired by how Wild Horses actually behave.


Do we always have to be the leader, or can we just have a friendship with our horse? Yes, we absolutely can have ‘just’ a friendship and stay on level 4, much like two mares within a herd. It is actually the deepest connection we can have, but it comes with a downside. Since we’re not the ones making the decisions within the herd, we should not take our horse out alone in unfamiliar terrain, as it will make suggestions like fleeing when it senses danger and might not listen to us.

Personal Session

I can’t wait to hear about you and your horse, let’s meet for 60 minutes on Zoom. Please send me a video (up to 10 minutes) beforehand (how your horse lives, how you lead it etc.), and we find practical solutions on how you can improve your and your horse’s life. After the session, you’ll have the possibility of a follow-up email in case of any arising questions!










It’s not for you

➔   If you’re looking for a quick fix, no matter the methods.

➔   If you want an obedient horse that functions at all times.

➔   If you’re not interested in exploring the relationship with your horse in new ways.

➔   If you’re not open to learning more about yourself.

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My Story

Hi, I’m Britta, and with People & Horses, I combine my professional experience as a registered relationship counsellor and conflict resolution specialist with my knowledge about wild horse behaviour. In the video, I talk about my thesis in evolutionary psychology, wild horses, how closely both topics are related, and how that changed my life and – how I interact with my horses.




It’s your and your Horse’s Life

The relationship with our horse is just as important, complex, and multifaceted as any other close relationship we have. Communication problems are even more likely, as we don’t speak the same language, and our experiences and stories are often shared, which adds to the mix. But know that your horse is the greatest coach you’ll ever have.

- I can't wait to hear your Story!

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