Is the Trauma Horses Face in Human Care Unavoidable? — Discover the Power of Healing and Connection!

When horses coexist with us humans, it becomes nearly impossible to shield them from unnatural and often traumatic experiences. They are separated from their mothers prematurely, confined to stalls or small paddocks, and placed in herds without experienced leaders to guide them. Their herd mates are chosen for them, and cherished friendships can be torn apart. Even worse, horses can’t freely choose their own destiny or leave if they wish to.

But let’s not forget, as humans, we too deviate from the life nature prepared us for over countless millennia. Instead of thriving in close-knit tribes, we often find ourselves as solitary warriors, trapped in predetermined routines of school, work, and family obligations, with only snippets of freedom in between.

Similar to horses, we lack self-determination. Our lives brim with pressure, competition, and conflicts, resulting in suppressed anger, fear, despair, or detachment, depending on our character and experiences. When we approach our equally traumatized horses, conflicts or issues become almost inevitable, as our personalities and histories collide.

So, how do we navigate these negative and traumatic experiences? It all starts with acknowledging that both we and our horses carry a baggage of past experiences, negative and positive ones, and our meeting is no coincidence. Often, we are drawn together by shared experiences, even if our reactions to them differ — they can maybe be even the exact opposite. However, this realization alone cannot undo everything overnight. It is an ongoing journey that begins with awareness.

The next step is to take action on our part, granting not only ourselves but also our horses the opportunity to live with greater freedom and autonomy. Sometimes, this means allowing the horse to be alone for a while, enabling it to breathe and find its own rhythm.

Equally important is learning the horse’s natural language, liberating ourselves from reliance on conditioning or force. However, it is in this pursuit that our true voyage commences—a personal journey of self-discovery and healing from our own past. Our horse becomes the ultimate therapist, offering unwavering authenticity through their feedback.

Embark on this transformative journey of healing and connection, where horses become catalysts for profound change. Join us as we delve into the depths of self-awareness and forge a new path toward a harmonious partnership with these majestic creatures.